L'Elegante Cannes, Cannes, France

L'Elegante Cannes, Cannes, France

Status: Sold Out.

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EXCEPTIONAL offer in glorious Cannes! In the prestigious, highly sought-after neighborhood of Oxford, France’s leading developer has designed a luxurious residence complete with swimming pool. This exquisite property development features 15 two-, three- and four-room apartments, each with beautifully equipped kitchens. The living spaces extend onto vast balconies overlooking a lovely Mediterranean garden and the upper levels also offer crystal clear, breathtaking views of the sea. Nearby convenience stores make daily living a breeze for absolute peace of mind all year round.

In Cannes, in the neighbourhood of Oxford, the 3 stories of L'Elégante are spread across a magnificent southern exposure Mediterranean garden that pays tribute to the plants featured in the masterpieces of yesteryear’s greatest gardeners.  An ode to transparency and light, the architecture of this luxurious property development is perfectly in tune with the surrounding vegetation. Harmony that generates serenity and well-being in each and every room of your apartment, as well as in the communal areas, which the developer entrusted to the talent of a great interior decorator.

Not far from the Croisette and the chic boutiques that line the Rue d'Antibes, L'Elégante, your top-of-the-line residence, is nestled in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Montrose. A luxurious haven of peace, its 15 dual-exposure apartments designed for an elite clientele offer absolute comfort. In the heart of this exclusive environment surrounded by greenery, residents enjoy the privilege of a superb swimming pool and relax on the south-facing terrace.

Apartments on the top floors offer splendid views of the Mediterranean. Designed to meet the needs of an upscale clientele, each apartment is fitted out with refined amenities and finishing touches, including fully equipped kitchens. Last but not least, convenient food stores located within 600 meters make day to day shopping totally carefree.