I purchased 2 villas, the process has been excellent throughout the entire purchase in terms of regular updates on progress etc. I purchased 2 apartments in Spain and received nothing like the service! I have both villas fully rented out from June to the end of September and could have filled them twice over! Thank You!
I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, the property you have chosen for us is so nice and the service also. I was extremely impressed with your service and I was even commenting with my friends and family that you service extremely good. Thank You so much!
We are more than pleased with the level of service. We chose to work exclusively with Moyra Group and didn’t have to deal with the layers of dishonest agents out there! It truly was a breath of fresh air and saved us so much valuable time! Priceless.

Are you an Estate Agency?

No. We like to describe ourselves as "connectors". We create online platforms and systems to help you more easily find, buy or stay in inspiring beautiful high quality real estate estate around the world. We created products for every stage of the real estate life cycle - from off-plan, to past completion and vacation rentals.

The only real estate we "sell" directly is off-plan developments, and, on a per request basis, can represent investors exclusively on their purchase.

For all property sales and vacation rentals, you will get access to an online platform where you can search and connect directly with each supplier and specialist on the ground. And if you are not happy or being well served, we can always help you, guide you or advise you, from an impartial/ unbiased point of view.


How we are different?


Traditional Estate Agencies are often "Seller Focused" and "Transaction Focused". Buyers are often seen just as just a transaction or a "lead", not human beings. The industry and estate agents have gained a reputationfor lack of integrity and being willing to sell you a "bad deal" in order to simply "do the deal".

Traditional Estate Agencies often just sell you what they have in their portfolio and will easily try to "convince you" or "push you" into buy something, that clearly is not even right or suitable for you. They often also compete with other estate agencies, and can easily not sell you the right property, because they are too busy "competing" rather than "collaborating" in order to serve the customer. Some have even become "glorified tour guides", which ends up wasting your time (and theirs) in endless viewings.

In other words, it's about them, or the commission, or someone else, other than genuinely caring about you.

Of course this is not all estate agencies, and there are exceptions to the rule, but many are like that, and sadly, customers have to put up with it for the sake of getting a home.

We are "People Focused" . We curate the best quality projects, properties, developers, and even estate agencies just to make sure you have a genuine good selection, and can choose amongst the best, in one central place. We let you liaise directly with each supplier (except for off-plan development sales where we help you directly) and if you are not satisfied with their service and responsiveness, we are here to help you. Each supplier receives training on authentic serving, so hopefully you will not harassed :) And more importantly, you get an extra pair of eyes, and help - the impartial advice - someone who can represent you and you

We want your home to be amazing, but also your time and experience of buying or renting a home to be inspirational, smooth, to be filled with love, warmth and presence. Our lives are already too busy and too stressful, the last thing you need when organizing your leisure time or buying a home is more stress and a million emails and phone calls. 

We don't compete with estate agencies, we give the best agencies, a platform to showcase their best properties to you - so you don't have to waste time searching in a million websites.

Our core values are honesty, transparency, integrity, love, inspiration and collaboration. We believe that in order to win, another person does not have to lose.


Inspirational places and living, coupled with quality and honest buying experiences is a pre-requisite for us. 

If searching for a property and dealing with too many wild agencies has become too tiring for you, and you wish to have a more relaxed, creative and safe approach to buying real estate, you have come to the right place. This is a place of love and harmony, where we truly value the human being rather than just the transaction. And no, we don't harrass cold call you. This is your journey - you are in charge.



Founded in 2008, Moyra Group is a leading Global Real Estate company that connects High Quality Homes with Discerning Real Estate Investors and Luxury Travellers.

It’s brand name has become synonymous with the highest quality property on the international market, providing discerning clients a one-stop-shop solution for their property requirements.


To unite the world's best real estate & providers in one central place.

To serve from a true authentic place of genuine service, rather than greed.

To act as vehicle for good in the world, through Profit for Non-Profit initiatives.



Whilst the company focused in traditional international real estate brokerage and agency work during it's former years, in order to effectively serve and connect more people, it shifted its focus to increasing the quality and quantity of these connections, through technology, education and automation. The company is not in the "competition" business with other agencies, but instead, it helps agencies, developers, hotels and resorts to more effectively and authentically market their properties and connect with high quality buyers and travellers.

In order to fulfill this mission Moyra Group is no longer doing one-to-one transactions, but instead providing clients and suppliers with a platform from which they can transact online and connect directly with each other.



For Suppliers & Trade

The Academy  provides online learning for owners, estate agents, developers and managers, wishing to self-market their homes and receive quality, discerning clients directly. This ensures the highest quality service, standards and experience for all parties involved.


The Portal  provides an online space where buyers and travellers can discover high quality luxury homes to rent or buy. The portal is dedicated to luxury and high quality property, allowing owners, managers and agents to self-list their homes, and clients to easily find the best options on the market, without having to search through countless listings and websites.


For Investors & Travellers

The Members Club is a private online networking community for investors and travellers. All members automatically get free access to The Lounge and The Black Book.

The Lounge is a private password protected online "lounge", where investors and travellers can find all information they need in order to make unbiased well informed decisions relating to travel and investments.

The Black Book is an online directory of everything you can possibly need in order to buy, sell or rent your property. It includes key industry contacts, from phototographers to interior decorators, designers, lawyers etc.




Collaboration instead of Competition


Respect | Integrity | Loyalty


Fair & Transparent Pricing Policy



Conscious Inspirational Travel & Investments

Creating Profit for Non-Profit

To use our platform as a collective force for the good - every time you list, buy or sell through our network a percentage between 20% to 50% of the profits is allocated to invest in non-profit projects and causes, from which our members have a say.



The Purpose of Life is to grow and to leave the world a better place.

We believe that everything that we do must contribute to a better world and society. It's not enough to be unhappy about how things have been done, are being done, or how much unnecessary hunger, poverty, health issues, climate & environmental issues, violence etc exists in the world. It's not enough to look to other leaders to change things. And it's not enough to view ourselves as separate from other human beings. We are connected in more ways than we can imagine and we have a bigger responsibility than to turn a blind eye, on things we can change.

Without a better world, it doesn't matter how luxurious or expensive our homes are. With climate change, it will take a single wave to destroy everything we hold so dearly. With violence, we do not even need to leave the "safety" of our homes. So we feel, it is our responsibility to make our home - Earth - a better place for us, for our children and our children's children.

50% of all profits generated from Travel with Purpose are going to be invested in non-profitable projects, from which you also have a say. And 20%  from Love Luxury Homes as well.

If this resonates with you (and you have a heart), make sure you join us as a member, and be part of bigger narrative: living on purpose, travelling with purpose, whilst still enjoying comfort,  luxury and peace.



Make a difference in the world by just being you

We know you are "too busy to give", so make it easier for you to make a difference, by investing up to 50% of our profits we generate, to non-profitable causes.

In this way, everyone can make a difference, without necessarily having to go out of their way or daily routine.